CarbonDiem for Events Organisers

Effortlessly measure the impact of travel to events and conferences

CarbonDiem helps organisers footprint their delegates' or ticket-holders' travel. By simply distributing the app to attendees ahead of an event, organisers can:

CarbonDiem takes the estimation and effort out of measurement

CarbonDiem removes the difficulty and guesswork involved in footprinting by measuring attendees' actual journeys and transmitting the data to central servers. Organisers can distribute the app easily by emailing a hyperlink and can access and analyse up-to-date aggregated data at any time using the CarbonDiem web-based tools.

Helping the events industry drive sustainability

The adoption of the BS 8901 standard for sustainable events management demonstrates the events industry's opportunity to act on the risks posed by climate change. It requires organisers to identify and understand the effects that their activities have on the environment and minimise the negative effects. By measuring the emissions from travel, CarbonDiem helps organisers put appropriate measures in place, such as offsets, and resonate with the growing environmental awareness of consumers.