Web services for software developers

Add the power of CarbonDiem to your applications by using our transport mode detection engine. Simply submit a GPS trace and CarbonDiem will return a report detailing:

  • Modes of transport: road, rail, metro, air, sea
  • Distance
  • Kg of CO2
  • Names of stations/ports/airports

Low power consumption, high accuracy

CarbonDiem web services process sparse GPS data which means that you can conserve power by only enabling GPS periodically.

Client libraries simplify development

We provide you with simple libraries to call our web services so you can spend time developing your application. Client libraries are available in Available for Java, .Net and Objective C

Find out more

CarbonDiem Web Services are currently in development and will be available to a limited trial group Q2 2012. To register your interest please contact sales@carbondiem.com

Supported countries

  • UK (Q2 2012)
  • Europe (Q4 2012)
  • N. America (Q2 2013)